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Okay this sounds wierd but need some help so i hope people get it lol. Basically my girlfriend lives in Southampton and i live in London so we talk quite a bit on the phone. At the minute what we do is she buys this 5 day pass from T-mobile which costs £5. Basically what it does is for 5 days she can call anyone on T-mobile unlimited as well as texts (Dont know if i should put that as a deal on the main site lol)

Basically i was just wondering if there were any easier ways? I have heard in the past of some tariffs where you can select one person who you can call as much as you want if you know what i mean.

Really any help is appreciated and thanks for helping.


T-mobile pay you go sim from them directly gives you for min £10 top up a month unlimited evening and weekend texts and all calls are 12p a min sim is only 50p


o2 have a offer running called "the one " i think? there was a thread for it on here few days ago.its for PAYG , you have to top up min £10 per month and you get 500 minuites free calls to one fav number (also on o2 network) per month.
not sure if this is what you were thinking of ?
good if your both on o2 but rather expensive turn around if your phones arnt unlocked ect.

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Hmm i was really hoping it would be unlimited. I know that Orange advertised something like it ages ago where by you pick your favourite number or something.

There are options available on Orange where top up £10 each month and get 300 free texts and Free calls to Orange phones from 7pm til midnight every night.

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Yeah thats something that i was looking for. Is there any link or something that i can get one of those sim cards from? Or more info on it?

free calls to orange to orange on pay as you go has now finished all you get for £10 top up a month is 300 texts and calls are quite expensive

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There must be some sort of thing lol.

free calls to orange to orange on pay as you go has now finished

Sorry to disagree MR T but i have this and my wife and daughter too.

Don't actually have a link for this but if you phone 450 on your orange phone they will set it up for you.

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So i get a Pay as you Go sim card of orange and call 450 and it should set it up?

Well that is what i did and my wife and daughter did.

Do what me and mrs saxo does

buy a virgin sim card, its only 3p to text each other all the time.
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