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    Hoping someone can help out

    I was on Orange and used the YP120 tariff, which was costing me £15 a month, and have been merrily using that for about a year and a half.

    Noticed on this months bill that it has gone up in price by £10 a month, with no warning whatsoever I might add.

    Phoned Orange who claim it was only an 18 month offer (will be digging out my contract to find out if that's true) and that the offer is no longer available and even the cancellations department couldn't offer me anything close to it.

    So, as there's no way I'm paying a tenner extra a month for a worse deal (the initial YP120 came with 30 free texts, the £25 one doesn't) I'm looking around for anything similar.

    I'm a low usage guy so this was the perfect plan. I'm looking for at least 90 minutes, any network any time and I'm not looking to pay more than £15 a month. Anything like that out there?


    Have a look at LINK REMOVED* which I've found very useful in the past. It shows all the best deals on any mobile, and what I found useful is that once you have chosen the phone you like there is a pull down and you tell them how many mins and texts you use and it then calculates best tarrif!

    I got my 12 month free line rental from them a few months back.

    HTH - Mark.

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    the flext contract from t-mobile is really popular at the minute and mite be just the thing.
    you could also have a look through o2 online ([url][/url]) as they normally have some good stuff. remember to check the fine print and contract length etc. I never go over a 12 month contract as theres always a better one available by then. dont like this trend towards 18month contracts

    Original Poster

    Thanks people, some good advice.

    Also I am about to ride the 'collections' train as I refuse to pay for the 30 days notice OPrange charge for cancelling. I haven't been on contract for over 6 months and I was never informed that the tariff would just randomly get upped in price (They claim I was but it's clearly a lie - they even claimed they have a record of me being informed which is again a lie). So I cancelled the direct debit and will be fighting them, mainly for the principle as the extra tenner per month isn't exactly bank breaking.
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