Mobile Phone Tariffs?

    I can get an upgrade from next week (60 days before the end of my contract). Is it worth waiting for the end of my contract to see if they'll offer me a better deal and will the phones change their price/tariff cost much in those 2 months?

    Will my upgrade start a new contract (18 months) or will it be an 18 month contract + the remaining time?

    Please and thank you

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    its a good chance that it will start a new contract with them ( they are very sneaky that way ) wait till it ends and phone them that you want to leave, its amazing what they will offer to keep you with them, did it with virgin media i got free phone calls all day everyday, 20meg upgrade and 40 extra channels on the telly all at the same price as my cheapo package. try it and find out when your contract finishes you never know what you get offered
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