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Found 17th Dec 2016
I need to buy a mobile phone for my son, don't want to really spend more than £100

Found this…bot

or this…TF8

Which one would you take, the 3G/4G could be a deal breaker, but for the money i guess I am not going to get anything better (any suggestion?)

Some of the review are putting me off, this is for both phone. TIA

PS: We are on GiffGaff by the way


Wiley fox. I have one it is very good for the money. 4g. Reviews on Amazon etc

Personally i would not get either..but that's just me

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Wiley fox. I have one it is very good for the money. 4g. Reviews on … Wiley fox. I have one it is very good for the money. 4g. Reviews on Amazon etc

Thanks, slightly above what i wanted to spend but the review seems better

Spend another £10 to £15 and get a " Ulefone power " ,which is on par if not better in some respects than an iphone or a Samsung .. Dont know if it works with Giff Gaff , but order from one of the Far East Companies you see on here, , Gearbest , banggood, Geekbuying , etc standard delivery to avoid customs and may take a month to arrive.

For £100 I'd definitely get Moto E 3. Try to stay away from these cheap Chinese phones.

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I went for the Wiley fox, i forgot to say I wanted to avoid any Far East vendor, i bought for myself an Elephone P7000 last year from GearBest, while i am very happy with the phone so far, i did not want down that route again in case something went wrong with the phone, and also this is a Xmas present, so wanted it very quickly. Amazon is always pretty good at refunding/exchanging in case of problem

I wouldn't buy any Blu Mobile Phones at the moment due to a security company finding malware built into the phones that send your data to servers in China.…us/

Re 7: Ever since Win Xp up to Win 10 all Microsoft products have built in back doors that if they wanted to , they or the CIA could monitor everything you do.

As regards to phones and apps , most people dont check their installed apps permissions . You would be surprised at the number of apps need to operate , they require the ability to read/delete your photos , contacts , etc and have the ability read and delete contents of your sd card .

The link in 7 has an update that the Chinese firm denied the report , however it is a bit rich , when Microsoft , Face book and Google have been stealing and storing your data for years!

The problem with most of the cheap Chinese brands is lack of after sales support and warranty repairs - they just dont exist.

In addition ,many of them do not support band 20, which is widely used by o2 (inc GiffGaff and Tesco), and by EE in some areas.

Blu, mentioned above, are only one of a number of Chinese phones with this malware preinstalled.

Wiley Fox is basically a Chinese phone with a UK office, so support is there, even if the phones are several years old in technology term.

Personally, I would look to see what the big phone stores are selling off in the sales, rather than risk a phone you dont know - and I say this as the happy owner of two Xiaomi Chinese phones.
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