Mobile phone Unlocking £5.99

    Not sure if this will help anyone.

    I rang my network (Vodafone) and they wanted £20 to unlock my sisters mobile phone.

    I thought £$%$£$ that lol ,after a search i found which looked like a safe/secure site compared to the rest available.

    For £5.99 i thought i'd give it a go, and hey-presto within 5 minutes i had received the unlock code by e-mail and the phone was unlocked.

    Only downside, now i have to chase my sister to get the £5.99 back lol, but if i don't get it back, it's better losing £5.99 than £20 lol.

    Anyway hopefully it is usefull for someone.


    There's loads of free unlocking services available online. Actually if you can unlock it online you can almost for sure do it for free. It's really only the ones that need a flashing or something that you need to have it done in person where you should pay.

    Do a search on the forums here and you'll find some info about it with recommendations to free unlock sites. In fact this thread should probably be merged into one of those threads.

    ps. Doesn't happen to be your unlocking site does it?

    Original Poster

    Thanks, i didn't know that.

    I didn't know if it can be done online then it can be done free somehow.

    I just refused to pay the £20 from my network so when i found £5.99 i thought that'll do.

    No it's not my unlocking site.

    Thanks, i'll have a look around more from now on lol.
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