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    I am due an upgrade this month and I am currently on a £25 a month contract with a £5 discount So I am paying £20 a month. for this I get free web browsing, 200 minutes and 1400 texts.
    I am not a big talker on the phone hence the low minutes, but as it is upgrade time I want to know what else I can do to get more out of them.
    i have spoken to them already and their choice of phones were poor. the best nokia being the 6303 and the other decent phone being a Samsung Genio which is a new phone.
    I have looked on the o2 website and their choice of phones is poor but i would like a better selection of phones.
    I have been a customer for years and I dont really want the hassle of moving to be honest.

    What sort of things can I say to try and get a better deal? What extras could I be looking for?
    Is it worth asking for a better choice of phones?

    Some help would be gratefully appreciated!!

    Thanks in advance!


    to get the best deal you have to be prepared to move doing this they usually offer better deals...but if you want to stay with them then maybe phone up a few times more and see what else they can offer you...for the money you are paying the two phones are not really worth it...they are budget phones....keep on calling to get a better deal or ask for a PAC number and move to T-mobile and get a Hero/G2 touch..


    I am in the same situation with orange , i have been with the company for years but they have only offered me rubbish phones on the same terms as above . I have had a look at some better phones that could be possible to have and going to ask what prices they can do . Best way to get it cheap is to drop all accessories like internet and insurance .

    As a guide, I renewed with Orange a few months ago and got a Nokia 5800, 400 x-net mins, 300 texts and unlimited landline calls for £10 a month on an 18 month contract. You've just got to make it sound as if you really want to leave!

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    In a nutshell I am not really prepared to leave as it is so much hassle moving network and I know vodafone and orange have poor reception around me. I have had a look at some phones with other providers that are around the same price tariff these are the Samsung JET and the blackberry curve.

    Does anyone have any phones that are fairly similar to the above and are likely to be the same price?
    Obviously I want to get the best for money and I just feel that the nokia 6303 and the samsung genio are below what I should be offered.
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