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Found 19th Apr 2007
hey my contract ends during the first week of June, i had a call from a chap at carphone warehouse this morning offering me the N95 for £89.99...
I just got off the phone to Orange, and they said the same price...
I don't really want to pay £90 for that phone on an upgrade is there anything that i can do to lower the cost?...
my bills tend to be £45-55 and my line rental is £35 per month....
anyone got any ideas of how to get them to reduce the £90 for the phone?


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bump before i get to bed

What I would do is wait until a month before your contract is up then write to them to say that you want to cancel your contract.

They will then call you and offer you a better deal than that.

Reject this deal (unless you are really happy with it) and ask for your pac code.

They will then put you through to a special retentions department who will do everything to keep you. and you will then be offered some crazy deals.

I got a free Nokia 8800 Sirocco for free. 500mins and 1000 text for £17.50 a month on a 12 month contract just last week. Albeit, it was with vodafone and my bills were similar to yours.

Hope this helps.

Can you not just finish the contract and take out a new one? :?

same advice as i would give try and haggle the contract/phone nearer to the time. Also do your homework and find a good offer and try and get them to beat it

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i want to stick with Orange[SIZE=2] and i have to keep my number for work reasons[/SIZE]

if your bills are coming in a bit over this is what I would do.

Tell them you want to increase your tariff to £40 p/m this will make the handset only £19.99 for the upgrade (o2, might be different price on Orange), then ask them....do you also do somethign similar to the long weekends offer ? they will say no sorry, then say well either you give me the phone for free then, or I will go to an o2 store and get the phone for £20 but at least have the long weekends on my contract for 6 months (2000x-net mins extra p/m)

im sure they will give it to you for free then, or give them the long weekends spiel on the tariff your on now and they might give in
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