Mobile Phone Upgrade on Orange!?

    I there I am due an upgrade on Orange and I really want a blackberry but I do not know much about phones.

    I wondered if anyone knew any good deals on orange and what is the best and newest blackberry, or if there are any phones which are better.


    I just had my upgrade on orange, your best off going on the 3 website and picking out a package and calling orange to disconnect, this got me offered a sony ericsson c905, 800 any time any network mins, unlimited texts and the phone was free all for £20 a month.

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    that is really good,

    so what should i do - call up and tell them im not happy with the blackberry they just sent me and that i have found a cheaper deal on 3 mobile and want to disconnect from orange?

    eah you can try that but remember when you get through to the disconnections you might get someone who isnt particularly having a good day who just says yeah thats fine we can sort that for you, in which case just say you need to think on it again before finalising the cancellation, but yeah just see what they say, think there was a really good deal on 3 and orange couldnt beat it and just kept saying but 3 have bad signal, which is true to a degree but they should certainly try and match it to a degree so have a snoop on the three website so you are armed with the facts and figures first.


    so you are armed with the facts and figures first.

    Essential as you can argue your point with any offer you get (hopefully the operator wont take your for a smuck aswell and will think you know your stuff). But at the end of the day your allocated so many points towards an upgrade from how long you've been on your contract and how much you were paying, so you can only get so far.

    But the best of luck and get back on what you get!

    theres new blackberry 8900 really gd =) ordered mine check link below


    you need to watch as your not guarennteed to get a free upgraded blackberry depends on what band your with..
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