Mobile phone upgrade opinion?

    I'm due an upgrade on my phone this weekend and was wondering if anyone could let me know which is better, I'm only on a low contract and don't want to pay for the phone either. My options are either the HTC One A9 or the Sony Xperia Z3, M5 or Z3 plus.

    Any suggestions?


    Out of those 3 I'd go for Z3 plus. Newest processor and longest battery life. Never had any problems with Z3.
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    A9 but only because ive had trouble with Sony handsets in the past.

    None. ditch the contract, buy a handset and save some money with a Sim oly deal

    As out how much it would cost to buy the phone you choose and add a 'sim only' plan thats suitable for your usage - alot of the time it will work out cheaper this way and your only tied into a 30 days contract, not 18 months

    in before the chinese cheep n cheerful phone post

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    I'd love to be able to buy a phone up front but can't afford it.


    I'd love to be able to buy a phone up front but can't afford it.

    - Cancel your contract and get a Sim only deal....(Should be at least half your current contract price)
    - Keep your current phone and start saving
    - With the money saved buy new handset...

    Agree with above, if your handset is ok, either get a cracking sim only deal (of which there a lot atm) or get a contract with someone new. You often get a better deal as a new customer.

    Yes this is more work but you'll end up getting either a better phone or paying less.

    Make sure you're using everything.
    Online phone companies such as, estate etc

    Get some really good deals and be willing to play with your provider. Offer or you'll walk!

    Good luck.

    Those four phones you mentioned are a bit limited now, unless its a super cheap contract (less than £15 pm) I'd ditch it and pick up either a better contract somewhere else or go the sim free route.
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