Posted 7th Mar 2023
As a family we had numerous products under Talk Talk. In 2019 the mobile number my son had was ported to Sky along with the internet etc, although my mobile is still with them.
Until recent months neither me or my mother in law had reason to call my son on his mobile, and if I did it would be on a landline. The problem is when either one of us try and call him from our mobile phones me on Talk Talk, and my mother in law on Vodafone we get a Talk Talk voicemail, unlike everyone else who gets through to him. Neither Sky or Talk Talk seem to be able to help. So can anyone here give any sensible explanation, as Talk Talk suggested he should get a new number from Sky. Just to add he has had several different Sims and phones since originally porting the number to Sky.
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    Doesn't sound like the porting process was fully successful. I have had this problem when doing the Lebara Tango. Those using BT landlines, EE, or a couple of others could get through, but those on 3, O2, and other only received the Lebara voicemail.
    Get hold of the current operator, and ask them to check if the port was fully successful. Any fiddling on their end should show a result within 2 days, once all the networks catch up
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    Thanks, Sky have escalated this to some technical support team. Hopefully know within 72 hours. Unfortunately for Talk Talk being anything but helpful I asked for a Subject Access Request in a paper format earlier today
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    Today, Sky have fixed the issue yippee.
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