mobile phone w/ 802.11 wifi, and with a proper keypad?

    anybody know of any phones that fit that description? its realy tough to find a super high tech phone apparently. basically want something with the functionality and features of a blackberry, but with added wifi support which blackberry does not have.

    want a nice keypad, a letter for each button, not the standard lets press "3" twice to get the letter E etc.

    been looking at phones such as the nokia N series, but they don't have the keypads i was hoping for.

    alternatively, what do you guys suggest for a nice mobile phone wtih wifi capability? are any of those smartphone/pda style phones any good?


    How about T-Mobile MDA Vario? It got WiFi 802.11g, Bluetooth, MiniSD and proper keyboard (sliding out).

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    ooo that is nice. also found the t-mobile gps enabled phones for not much more in ££.

    i just saw the SPV3100 (orange) review, i'm drooling. that looks HOT.

    i'm assuming for smartphones of this calibre you won't find a 6 months free out of 12 month contract option

    I have the xda mini s... same as mda vario... is a nice pda/phone

    GPS-enabled? Are you talking about Mitac Mio A701 or HP HW6910/6915? Didn't realised T-mobile got'em.
    What they advertise as GPS-enabled are MDAs (Compact, Vario or Pro) with Bluetooth GPS receiver and TomTom software.

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    i'm pretty much in love with that xda mini s, it is the same as the tmobile one.

    any good deals for it out there? what are you guys paying? i'm currently with CPW, contract ends in 2 weeks. may haggle with them to see if they can give me a good deal. they have a 10 month free in an 18 month contract option, but it requires you to get the regular talk plan AND the data plan, so its over £50/month.

    will go to cpw, try and strike a deal. unless you guys have othe rsuggestions? have checked thelink, o2 and cpw so far...

    Hold on there if i was you. The MDA Vario/XDA Mini S are being replaced by the HTC TyTn (will be rebadged as the Vario II/XDA trion and is the same as the orangeSPV M3100) This is already available direct from T-Mobile from if you call their telesales. Get it with web 'n' walk and then you have unlimited high speed internet access - allows you to get the most out of the phone. Do a earch on vario II and you will find all the specs etc.


    ericsson P990i

    the xda trion looks nice... could be my next phone/pda

    check out ] for the latest reviews and news

    i have an mda vario, its a cracking phone. the best pda/smartphone i have used without a doubt
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