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    I am looking for a mobile phone/handset for no more than £50. New would be preferred if anyone knows of any decent offers currently available. I am looking for a pretty good handset with 3G if possible. I use the net via my blackberry at the moment, and it is something I would be looking for in a new handset.

    If however, there is someone out there in HUKD land with a T-mobile or unlocked handset that is in perfect working order, can send/upload pic's and any reviews, I am open to all suggestions.

    If you think you can help, please feel free to submit your offer.

    Many thanks in advance



    Original Poster

    wow, so many offers, don't kow which one to choose from....

    Hello, anyone...anyone at all.....

    I know this is a case of cake and indeed eating it, but there must be someone/something/somewhere...

    What BB have you got? I'm getting rid of my Iphone 3G 8gb at the moment and am trying to find a straight swap deal with someone...looking for an 8900 preferably but would consider other offers...let me know

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    Its a work BB Curve and are being recalled (thats what they say, but its a cost cutting excercise - stop us using the net etc on the go) but I am now used to having it and having the net on tap, so looking for a decent handset.

    So unfortunately, I do not have a hand set to trade, but will happily give you £50 for your Iphone
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