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    Hey guys and gals

    Thinking of getting a new phone and have found a few websites with the free gifts and so on.

    Just wanted to know if anyone used some of the sites I'll mention below because I know some of it can sound too good to be true and I wouldnt be doing the cashback scheme I just want a new phone with a free gift.





    Any advice would be much appreciated.


    I've had bad experience with e2save and seems to crop up a lot with others having similar experience.

    I've not heard of the others. As a general rule tho, unless the free gift or cash back is instant then ignore any deals where you have to redeem or claim at a later date or doubt count it as the deal. I would say at best, the chances of getting the full redemption are <50%. But as you say, just want a free gift and if its instant I would say you are fairly safe - if you start to run into problems, cancel the whole thing with 14 days.

    Good Luck.

    I know carphone warehouse gives you free wii etc, dont know about the deals though.

    buymobilephones.net are ok but you normally have to send in i.d to claim your free gift!!
    also try mobiles.co.uk they are very good and free gift sent with your new phone

    Original Poster

    Thanks guys

    The one that seemed ok was buymobilephones.net, it had some decent reviews.

    But mobiles.co.uk sounds good especially if you get the gift when the phones sent.
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