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Found 7th Dec 2009
Hi I am looking to get a mobile phone either pay as you go or contract and was after one which is going to allow me to get on the internet at the cheapest possible price. Any ideas would be much appreciated.Cheers!!
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cheapest payg mobile for internet i believe is Tesco at £2 a week
don't know much about contract phones tho
Do you want a phone or just a sim? And how many minutes and texts per month on a contract?
For a network I'd suggest either Asda mobile PAYG (20p/MB for internet) if you're intending to be a light user (less than 90 emails and 100 webpages per month) which also charges 8p/min and 4p/text at all times to all phones.
If you're making more texts and using the internet more, but are still a low call maker, then Orange's £10 dolphin top-up gives 300 free texts and 'free internet', this infact being limited to 50MB/month, which Orange considers sufficient for browsing, emails, etc but not uploading, downloading, VOIP and P2P). At 20/min for calls, a £10 top up would give you 50mins, not a great amount on its own, but better value with the internet and texts included.
For phones, my tip would be the LG KS360 at around £45 - has a touch screen and a pull-out keyboard, am thinking of one myself but now am also hunting for dual-SIM phones.
If you looking for a contract orange do unlimited internet on a few price plans not sure what they are for new customers. Mate had N95 1200 minutes free land lines unlimited internet foir £35 monthly. He upgraded took a cheaper phone and got 800 minutes free land lines unlimited internet for £14.95 on 18 month contract
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