Mobile phone with slide out qwerty keyboard?

Found 5th Dec 2010
My 11 year old niece is getting her first mobile phone for Christmas and wants one with a slide out qwerty keyboard - has anyone got any reasonably priced recommendations?
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The only cheapish priced one that will have any 'cred' in the playground is the LG GW520 which is available for £45+£10 topup from dial-a-phone.
Thanks for these ideas - I have no idea what is "acceptable" in the playground so all your comments welcome!
What is 'reasonably priced'?

A few phones around but they may be out of your price range.
no phone with a slide out keyboard has any "cred" in the playground, well Nokia n97 has a little but i wouldn't give one of those to a 11 year old... and to find reasonably price, need a price range, because £200 may be ok, or only £30, can never really tell without a scale
I got a vodafone 345 text the other day for £10. Excellent little phone. Looks like a blackberry but does nothing besides text and call.. 1 charge and last 7-9 days..
I don't like slide out keyboards either but she is 11 and knows what she wants! As far as cost, I don't really think it's worth paying more than £50 for a phone at her age and if it is less than she can get some extras...
Here's a pic of it.. O it has an FM radio too.
Voda 345 text
Thanks that certainly is a good price!
Main thing you need to know is what network she wants to be on...
She doesn't care what network but I have made enquiries about coverage and it looks like orange isn't too good where they live but vodafone is fine. Trying to find out about O2 and t mobile now...
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