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Posted 14th Jun 2020
Which phone would you recommend between the samsung a71 and xiaomi note 9 pro. Thanks.
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Cheapest one normally with me if you've narrowed it down. It's that simple with me although I like xiaomi as I think I'm getting bang for my buck. Bigger batteries in most cases...That gets my vote but it will be heavy vs Samsung. I have 8t and love it
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Thanks very much. Wasnt sure if there were any other phones out that are better than either of these.
I was a big Xiaomi fan until I ordered a phone from the official UK store that arrived broken. I notified them the day it arrived and was fobbed off 4 times over the phone arranging a return for refund. After each call no returns envelope came. On my 5th call I eventually got a returns envelope and I sent it off. 1 week later I got it back still broken with no explanation and then thereafter they said I had no rights as the 30 day return period had expired. The whole process felt like this was deliberate to prevent a refund return. No more Xiaomi for mi. Anyone else have a similar experience?
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