Mobile phones and podcasts.

My phone has Unlimited internet as part of the contract with Orange.
Now i don't know what this means in terms of fair use or anything like that.

the question is: would i have a problem downloading podcasts on my phone to listen to whilst i'm on the go? further more how long would it take to download (its 50mish) on a 3g connection


i have an xda ignito with internet on o2

podcasts take a long time - main problem being battery life

they're do-able, but only at a push

much easier doing it on home pc and transferring ovrt

Orange unlimited is restricted to 250mb fair usage and speed is around 1.8mbps on a good connection,

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what happens if you go over fair usage?


what happens if you go over fair usage?

If you go over a little, nothing. If you go over a lot they'll charge you the amount will be in your contract somewhere.
I would think a little would 5 to 10% any more than that and you might have a problem.

Most phones have a log where you can monitor the usage. Just zero it at the start of your billing cycle and keep an eye on it.
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