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Found 11th Dec 2008

my Mum is after a new phone for christmas and would prefer to stay on Virgin. I've looked in Carphone Warehouse and this seems to be the most expensive network to buy. Are all the CPW pay as you go phones locked or as they sell phones from different networks do they tend to be unlocked?
On the same subject, can anyone recommend a good phone. I don't want to pay more than £50. It doesn't need anything too fancy. Just a basic phone with a camera. She isn't bothered about a radio or MP3 player.
Thanks for any help given.


All CPW phones are unlocked


All CPW phones are unlocked

this is true.

i once bought a really cheap phone samsung something for £15 or so

i asked the till person if this was unlocked they confimred with the manager and he said yes

but it was locked

ovbiously they were happy to give a refund and shocked that that model of phone wasnt actually unlocked in the first place

but genrally all CPW phones are unlocked otherwise

on a diffrent note

i hate the policy of carphonewarehouse selling only 2 phones per 3 months to a customer

you cant buy more than that

very annoying, especially when you need phones for xmas gifts

will be shopping somewhere else becuase of this moron policy

NO, not all carphone warehouse phones are unlocked.
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