Mobile phones with free stuff (360, etc.)

    Hi all

    I am after a new phone, willing to pay up to £30 and need at least a couple of hundred min's on preferably a Sony Ericsson phone.

    Are any of these offers with free Xbox 360s etc. worth it?





    I have just got a deal from dialaphone. £40/month, 600 Minutes and 500 Texts, 12 month contract for a Free Sony Ericsson W810i with 512mb memory stick, Free Xbox 360, £85 Cash Back plus go through Quidco for another £60 Cash Back. To me this equates to about £345 in goodies, meaning a total cost of £135 or £11.25 per month. (Based on £40 x 12 months), which to me is not a bad deal at all. Just make sure you stay within your minutes and this is will be a good deal.

    Typical 12month £35month contract, several on 12months free rental giving you £420 via claims


    instant £100 cashback


    £200 XBOX360 or similar after 28days.

    Rip off scam vs. normal rental cashback.


    Typical 12month £35month contract, several on 12months free rental giving … Typical 12month £35month contract, several on 12months free rental giving you £420 via claimsvs.instant £100 cashbackor£200 XBOX360 or similar after 28days.Rip off scam vs. normal rental cashback.


    it all depends on what you are looking for. I could have gone for the cash back offers to give me FREE line rental, but I didn't want that. My son wanted an Xbox 360 for Xmas and this looked like a good way to get one. Nothing in life is free, but it's all about choice. As far as I am concerned I know I have probably paid for the Xbox somewhere in this deal, however this will be over 12 months, with no interest payments and I get 600 minutes of xnetwork minutes & 500 texts to use for my business.
    On balance it suited me at the time so I'm not sure what the rip off scam part is as I understand that with your cash back options if you don't meet their requirements for claiming or forget to claim in time then you don't get your money back and you may well end up paying full price anyway?

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    Did you get the 360?
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