Mobile Recommendation- for elderly?

    Should have a good size screen, volume, and have be internet enabled. Thanks


    Give them the same phone as yourself or close relative. Makes technical support easier. Samsung phones used to come with easy mode which may be a good idea? If you want a range off phones including smartphones for older folks then take a look at Doro range. Wake the dead when the ring

    I got my parents and in-laws Moto E's. I have a Moto G so similar - don;t think they need to be the same but get an operating system that you are familiar with (android, ios).

    Doro611 every time,made for the elderly,dead simple to use,no fancy bits to confuse them,,brilliant phone.

    Depending on budget, something like an iPhone 6 or 6S Plus is good for older people - nice and simple to use and good options for font scaling and general accessibility. Also a bit less customer service support required than with an Android device in my experience!

    Second the iPhone go for an older one if money is tight like the iPhone 5s. They are very simple especially an older phone on an earlier firmware.
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