Mobile Recommendations? (£50-60ish max)

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Found 28th Nov 2007

I'm looking for a decent mobile to buy within the next few days, only have a budget of about £50 (max £60) though, not quite sure which ones are good?

My basic requirements are that it looks quite nice, has a reasonable battery life and can use a mp3 (or other format) for a proper ringtone... an added extra would be ability to connect to the PC and Java Games but I'm not all that bothered about those.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance

EDIT: Sorry, I think I should have put this under deal requests, can a mod move it please?


6300 £59.99 o2

I'd agree with the above ... I'm on contract but tempted to buy one and use that instead ...

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Ah Thanks, that phone looks great, fits all my needs.

Only one question, do you know if I can unlock it to use an Orange sim? I realise a lot of people seem to hate orange, but mostly everyone I know uses Orange and around here it seems to get the best signal. I *think* it costs quite a bit extra to call orange -> o2 and/or o2 -> orange?

Are there any alternatives on Orange, or that can be easily unlocked? If not I'll just go for that O2 since everything else is perfect, just not sure how much extra it costs to call a different network.

apparantly if u buy from carphone warehouse they are all unlocked as standard

unlocking it is expensive i paid £25 to unlock it

6300 or a sony ericsson w810i

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Thanks, I went for the w810i on Orange. £72 delivered with £10 credit, not bad. I went with that over the other suggestion because it's supposed to have a great battery life, as apposed to the 6300 which only lasts 32 hours... according to reviews.

Thanks again :).

yep thats true plus the headset is awesome.

eeeeeeeeee the w810 is a fatty!!!!
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