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Found 27th Aug 2010
Been checking out a few mobile redemption offers and they seem to bring a lot of value as long as you get your money back, I’ve heard many horror stories about people not getting their money back, but just wanted to ask the people who stay on top of these things whether they get their money back or not.

I’ve heard good things about since it’s owned by CPW

I’ve heard bad things about dial-a-phone (but they seem to have the best deal) – would love to hear someone’s experience with them.

Phones4U has a decent deal that I like as well, and they seem like a reputable company, if someone has had an experience with them, would love to hear that too.

Also, most of these have quidco, so if you’ve had quidco experience with these as well, would be good to hear.


ive used e2save before and not had a problem, you do need to make sure you are organised and send the bills on time. This time around i've used dail-a-phone as they had a good deal. They have already messed up the redemption dates with the first one being even before i took my contract out!!

I had to call them and CS tried to fobb me off by saying send them on such and such dates and that he would update the system, but would not be able to send me anythng in writing, i emailed them and now they have rectified the dates ...again and updated their system this time.

My first redemption is at the end of the year, hope they don't mess me about again

Sent a bill off to dialaphone a few weeks ago for the 1st cashback of this contract and the cheque arrived a few days later. No complaints here.
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