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Can someone help me please?
I'm looking for a sim only plan that includes international minutes to call. My budget is £10.
I was with talktalk who gave me 200 international minutes for £2.50 along with 350 uk minutes all for around £7 but my contract has come to an end. Much needed help and advice please
Just to add the contract was actually for my friend who calls family in Pakistan and India. I am with talktalk and took the contract out in my name for her. She would just pay me monthly. Family the other side don't have access to stable WiFI and she herself prefers to have the minutes simply because there's no disruption and it's easy for her to manage. I don't mind looking for another contract for her but it's alot of headache looking for a contract inclusive of international minutes within her £10 budget.
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I use tesco international calling app.
they often do offers where calls are free and even if so many calls will cost around 1p
Australia 1p landline 4p mobile
Bangladesh 2p mobile or landline
China 0.5p landline or mobile
Chech rep. 2/9p landline/mobile
Egypt 6p/8p
France 1p/2p
India 1p/1p
Poland 0.5p/1.5p
Pakistan 4p/4p

The more "obscure" country the more expensive it is
the service needs internet connection for the app to redirect but uses your free minutes

so for instance you could get
virgin mobile with 1500min for 7 quid, top up tesco for 3 et voila
Plusnet does 1000min for 7quid
IDMobile 500min for 3.99
check uswitch.com/mob…ls/ for deals

Hope this helps somewhat
What international country / countries? Random SIMO pay monthly 500 UK mins + 500 (selected) international mins + 1000 UK SMS + 5GB UK data £10 / month Vectone, although Vectone is generally unliked on HUKD.
Also seem to have some dedicated PAYG foreign calls options.
I don't know which country you call, but check Lebara, lyca and vectone.
Thank you to all that's have replied I have added more in detail where calls are made and why minutes are more preferred over Internet means.
There is a time consuming app, which you can call from your mobile to any mobile and landline by turning a spinner to get credit.
Like Pakistan is 420 points a minute on telenor or 800 points on most networks.
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