Mobile stolen '3' network - HELP!

    Hi all,

    I have been on a '3' contract for the last 3 months. My mobile has been stolen yesterday and I have no insurance. Have already informed '3' and they have blacklisted my phone. However, I need a new phone and sim. The customer service operator said that I can have a new sim for £5 instead of £17.62 which is their normal charge and also offered my about 5 different phones:
    - a couple of LG phones - not interested
    - Moto V3xx
    - Moto E1070
    - K610i

    All of which are refurbished. I can choose any of the above phones for £45 given that they are in stock.

    Didn't expect to spend that much but now what else can I do?

    Please help...



    Ebay ?

    yeah but the K610i isnt a bad buy at £45 is it?

    Original Poster


    yeah but the K610i isnt a bad buy at £45 is it?

    you are quite right about that.
    whats better v3xx or k610i???
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