Mobile tarrif-can you surf using free mins?

    Hi, I'm looking for advice on a mobile phone contract where you can surf the net usinig your 'free' minutes.

    Does anyone allow this or do they all charge per byte or whatever as an extra charge outside of your alloted minutes?

    Looking for a cashback phone deal (Vodaphone seem to be doing them all at the minute, but porting from O2 is not possible), and would appreciate it if anyone with knowledge could save me a lot of searching!

    I don't make a lot of calls therefore thought that I'd probably use them up using the net-WAP thingy facility. Spoken to a couple of people and it seems that this type of common sense is frowned upon as it's another cashcow for the big mobile companies and therefore no-one allows this.

    Bit of a minefield trying to find a good phone deal for minutes, plus cashback, plus the ability to port with a reputable company - then I had this brainwave!



    Dont think any network will allow free mins to be used for surfing. Stick with CPW group of companies for reliable cashback

    Check out T-Mobile's Flex-T Web 'n' Walk tariffs.

    "Get a monthly allowance to use up on minutes, texts and picture messages, PLUS unlimited* browsing and emails on your phone"…ns/
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