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    My partner has been with 02 for many a year - 10+, and I've been with Vodafone for over 6 if not more (currently pay £25 for 600mins - 50% of which I NEVER use, and unltd texts, and free mobile internet), but have been messed about by them for the last 4 months as they've charged me for the MI for the past 3 months. Oh, and I've just looked Now, and AGAIN I've been charged.

    thanks to OP on here, she managed to grab herself a BB Curve, 500 mins / unltd texts and free emails/browsing for £20 per month as her allowed/due upgrade

    Now, my contract is up for renewal/upgrade in June (17th to be exact!), so whats the chances I can get 02 to buy me out of my last 2 months with Vodafone (contract expires August 17), and give me the same deal as my other half?


    they wont buy out AND MATCH partners deal they wont buy out at all they might discount a deal by whatever line rental is

    One network will never buy out another. P4U or CpW used to, but you need to be in the last 3 months and on the lowest tariff.
    As a new customer you will only get the offers listed on the networks site or the dealers. As a new customer you have no leverage with them, sorry.
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