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Found 22nd Jan 2011
Im due an upgrade from orange but still have 6 months of my contract left.
now does this mean i have to sign up to a new contract?

i always thought i could just get a free upgrade as in a free handset and continue my current contract till it finishes
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How do you manage to be due for an upgrade when you still have 6 months contract left??

No chance they will let you have a new phone without signing a new contract
turns out it was 3 months not 6, got my dates mixed up
Orange will let you upgrade your handset 3 months before your contract with them ends but you will have to take out a new contract with them and the 3 months from your old contract will be added to it, so if you enter into a new 24 month contract then you will be with them for 27 months, the same as if you waited with your old handset and took out a new contract in 3 months time BUT if you wait out the 3 months you can shop around all the other networks and get the best poss deal!! Orange upgrades tend to be a bit crap too I'm afraid, they charge for the better handsets with only the inferior ones for free!:p
^ what she said. They don't give out free phones, you are tied into a contract for 18/24 months (plus what's left on your old one) when you take a new handset.
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He's a she actually!!!:p

He's a she actually!!!:p

Dho. Sorry, corrected. . . (there really should a way to tell!).
Count his willies. If the answer is zero, he's a she.
I got a good deal, if your going to take their first offer more fool you id say!

He's a she actually!!!:p


Count his willies. If the answer is zero, he's a she.

I know! If it's any consolation the cat on my avi is a he!!

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