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    From my understanding it is free to use Wi-fi abroad on my mobile, can anyone confirm this is true? If so is there anything i need to be careful of to make sure the phone is not accessing the network still in some manner or another? I usually switch the network off but assume i need this in order for wifi to work.

    phone: htc desire hd


    No you dont need the network activated in order for wifi to work (2 different things), wifi is only free where ever there is a network for you to connect to that is free, some are not. Places with wifi are places like cafes, hotels, bars etc
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    Cheers for this! i use my laptop on wifi abroad a lot and thinking of substituting this by using my new phone.

    A lot of the hotels and place i stay in europe usually charge for wifi, so it will be good to be able to use the phone in free zones whilst out and about, and not have to lug around my 19" laptop!!!

    Im using an 18.4" laptop and I wouldnt want to lug that around Europe either! There are plenty of places with free wifi, just have to go online and find them first (ironic post?! lol)

    Try here -…htm

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    Cheers will have a gander at that site later. Unfortunately most of the time i am out in the sticks where they know they can charge people for wifi!


    Just turn off mobile network in your phone settings before you go.

    I meant mobile data
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