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Found 7th Mar 2018
Hi all, just wondering if anyone can help me out here!! I am off to France for just over a week and I don't want to eat in to my Contract data, So was thinking of purchasing one of them Mifi mobile internet things so I can connect to that mainly just for streaming tv etc in the evenings. Any ideas or past experiences or suggestions on which one I should go for which sim etc costs and so on. Any help would be great. Thank
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Not really sure what you are attempting to ask.

You don't want to eat into your present contract data - so you are going to get another contract to eat into that ones data allowance instead? Also you are going to add costs by buying a device to share that sim and its contract out to your other devices with a scope of use being just over 1 week.

Seems a little nonsensical to me, although if you are wanting to do this then ignore that fact you are going to France and pick up whatever additional contract you want before you go (cheapest might be to extend your present devices data cap) and use that in France under the EU roaming regulations.

You will not get guaranteed speeds with this approach (which might inhibit streaming usage) but you also will not be able to get a contract whilst in France as you will not fulfil their requirements to be able to sign up for one.
I meant pay as you go or a preloaded data sim.Sorry should have elaborated.
ozkerrizo6 h, 33 m ago

I meant pay as you go or a preloaded data sim.Sorry should have elaborated.

As I was saying the cheapest PAYG/preloaded in France you will struggle to get hold of as you they require things like a French address and French bank account and then you have the activation period after you have proven who you are (a legal requirement).

There are more expensive options available - albeit with the EU roaming I wouldn't even consider that route and just use my current contract out there with a top up if I thought it needed it (unlikely).

This wiki goes over the options you are requesting in far greater detail than I could:…nce

Is being able to stream tv that critical for your trip - I know lots of people, prior to EU roaming opening up, would pre download things prior to setting off.
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3 PAYG £20 will give you max 12GB of data to use in France (plus a bucket of mins & txts). The PAYG SIM is intended to be used in and on-handset, but may work in a mifi or via a smartphone's hotspot, although 3 may deny this function in its t&c (t&c and reality are often different - tethering function may depend on the local operator). 12GB may satisfy a week of TV streaming unless you expect excessive resolution.…_Go
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