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    I'd like to get alternatives to the Sony Ericsson K800i which is a cracking prices @ £119

    My requirements are pretty straightforward:

    1. PAYG
    2. At least 3MP camera preferably video record too
    3. The smaller & lighter the better

    That's it I'd appreciate any recommendations and/or good prices.



    You're gonna struggle as there arent many 3mp camera phone about at the moment. You've got loads of choice at 2mp phones.

    Nokia N80
    Got wifi too

    get the k800, it might be a litle bulky, but the camera on it is superb, and by far the best i have ever had

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    Thanks for the option of the N80 I didn't know about it but based upon the reviews below it looks like the k800i is the clear winner.…htm…htm

    If I was to go for the following deal £120 on 02 is it easy to get this phone unlocked and unbranded?…235

    Sorry I'm new to this - I take it I need to get the phone locked to use my current PAYG fresh sim?
    My mum has an orange sim so I'm assuming I'd definitely need it unlocked for her to use it.

    Also how important is it to get the phone unbranded and what are the limitations if I don't do this?
    I've searched the hotukdeals forum and found this post from Road_Hog:

    "Debrand and unlock are two different things, although they can sometimes be done as one operation on some phones by flashing the firmware (software).
    Debrand is £5 (7 Euros) at [url][/url] and can be done with the cable in the box.
    Unlocking can be done two ways, either with a Cruiser cable and an unlock credit or because this is a Vodafone phone, it can be done by remote code, expect to pay about £12."

    I'm not that confident of doing any of the above myself.
    If I take it to a market stall/high street shop will they likely be able to unlock and/or debrand for me?

    Thanks in advance,
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