Mobile with Ipod Touch 8GB


    I'm looking for the best deal on a mobile phone with a free iPod Touch 8GB. Don't want to spend more than £30 a month, preferably less, and also looking for a free phone if possible.

    Phone's I'd be interested in:

    Nokia 6300 (silver / black)
    Sony Ericsson S500i
    Sony Ericsson w910i
    Sony Ericsson w880i (silver / black)

    I've found the £30 pm deal on E2Save for the S500i if I pay £24.99 for the phone. Can someone tell me if this is the best deal or are there any better?

    Thanks in advance,



    There's some ok deals for the 8gb ipod touch at Buymobilephones…862 i've just sent of my claim for a 16gb ipod touch myself from there

    They also do referal's so if you refer people you get some cashback aswell need friends name and email to do that though :roll::oops: also if do see anything there and go to get a deal go through Quidco for £20 cashback ;-)

    brian, just looked at the deal you found and it is on a par with dial a phone however with e2save the quidco cashback is only £20, whereas dial a phone is £60, and then more if you use the referral method with a friend. hope that helps


    Referral request deleted- any further requests will also be removed & poster will receive an infraction

    Original Poster

    Are referrals not allowed on this site? If so that's quite dissapointing, I'm more than happy to hear from anyone looking for a referral deal with DialAPhone as we both benefit out of it.
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