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Found 18th Jul 2006
Hi friends,

I’m thinking of taking my next contract out with 3 and a Nokia handset probably a N70 or a 6280.

Most of the good deals going on the net at the moment are with Mobileclub7 and Simply3g.

Have anyone had any experience with either of these two?

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Nokia N70's aren't all that, and heard about a few problems with the 6280

Just a warning
Thanks MexDave for the advice.

In my above post I meant if anyone have had any experience with the two retailers Mobileclub7 and Simply3g.
WARNING to all of you out there simply3g will rip you off - if you take the remdemption claim they will not accept it, they make stupid excuses and are so rude when i spoke to the the managing Director Paul he hung up on me when i called to complain and the emails they sent were disgusting. its not worth it!! Ive lost £80 because of this company so rather pay more elsewhere they are liars!

Type in simply3g director in google and you get:

Simply3g Not Giving Cash Back ... One director is a convicted fraudster and another one as had 25 companies go bust under him . ..
Thanks for the info Gemma24,

I'll stay clear from them.
what i normally do is find a god deal and price match it with a reliable company like One Stop Phone Shop, and sometimes they even beat it.
I purchased 2 contract phones from Mobileclub7 (Tulip) on a valentine promotion Feb 2005. I am still waiting for my final cashback claim (£212) approved in March. Buy direct from three....
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