Mobile/iPod Wholesale

    I was just wondering if anyone knew of any places to buy items such as mobile phones and iPods cheaply in bulk quantities?
    Worth a shot

    And please don't suggest a list from eBay - tried and failed!


    to be honest the people that actually know this, are the ones that will try to flog you a brand new handset at retail price rather than give their connections away!

    no idea about ipods but speak to [url][/url] for phones. they're not cheap at first you gotta build up a relationship with them over time to get the right prices, gotta be vat registered too! prob best bet for phoneage though i'd say

    yep phones in bulk are sometimes , normally worth over the shop prices , theres no such things as cheap phones in bulk sorry to say and people will only sell to you if you have a business and as above vat registered. i can get hold of some siemen cl75 poppy phones if you'd like.

    if you are vat registered the service u get from dataselect is 2nd to none, guaranteed next day delivery. they seem too keen on adding "freebys" like unneeded bluetooth headsets to up the unit cost. stuff like that. but as i say worth a shot if u can develop a relationship wiht the sales workers and put time into it, you'd do ok

    ]Expansys are the only ones I know who sell in bulk at a reasonable price.

    Cheers, Dio

    I went into the whole Wholesale thing a while ago, I found a couple of sites you have to pay for, From the items i found, They were still cheaper on ebay/other sites.

    I gave up in the end, I was thinking of contacting the manufactures directly but most aren't intrested unless you are buying thousands.

    (And then there was the risk of someone getting a Duff ipod etc.)

    I also looked (or tried) to find wholesale xbox 360 games, No luck there either.

    The internet is so competitive that its almost impossible to get a foot in.

    Just to add a bit more, When a big company like Tesco Knocks out electrical goods as "loss leaders" (to attract you to buy other more expensive items that you presume is the cheapest anywhere aswell) just hits trouble, For example if you by 100 ipods wholesale you can bet Tesco will buy 1000's get them cheaper and flog them at the price they paid or at a loss.

    Further edit : When john lewis adds an extra 5 year return warranty for a bit extra, Its no wonder which people would normally chose.
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