MobilePhonesDirect - are they reliable for cashback?

Posted 9th Mar 2014
I received what appears to be a great deal on a Lumia 1020 through this company - £39 a month over twelve months but with £300 in cashback by redemption - so in months 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 I send them a PDF of the Vodafone bill and they put £60 in my account each time.

My question is, is this as good as it sounds? Does anyone have any experience dealing with cashback specifically through MobilePhonesDirect? I appreciate that it's a pain setting reminders to send copies of the bill but all-in it means the phone will have cost only £168 as long as I can rely on them. I'd like to confirm this before I start using the phone as I'm within 7 days DSR.

Thanks in advance.
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sorry not with this company, I'm with buymobilephones.net and got my first cashback pretty easily but it sounds good you can just send a pdf of the bill...I've to post copies of the bills and its a pain but worth it.
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