mobiles 2 your door aka phones4u and vodaphone

Found 26th Jul 2008
i ordered a mobile contract through m2yd owned by phones 4 u the mobile company that made the biggest profit this year i was meant to recieve it the next day it took 3 weeks i called before going on my holiday to cancel the contract as it hadnt arrived they said i needed certain info which i would recieve with the phone i explained the reason i was cancelling was because i hadnt recieved the phone they said they couldnt help the phone arrived while i was on hols which my parents signed for while on hols i emailed them saying i still hadnt recieved my sim card they said we cant help they cancelled my quidco cashback payment they never sent out the chequeback info and i just recieved an invoice for 2 months when i still havent recieved my sim card both vodaphone and phones 4 u say they cant do anything because i recieved the phone and even though i tried to cancel 4 times because i never had the info and my name and address and password wasnt enough when i called them about this they even threatened my status about printing this i told them im only telling the truth and have a right to tell people under the freedom of speech act
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That's a very long sentence!
i've had nothing but joy from m2yd.
just coming to the end of a 12 month contract with 9 months free and a Wii thrown in.
all cashback received without any probs
plus the quidco!!!!!!!!
Happy Days
i had grief from m2yd.
not happy days!!
email the phones4u boss if you want it sorted.
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