Mobiles for sale

    I am just checking to see if its worth me going through the steps to sell some mobiles?

    I have 3 to sell, one is already on the sale page but I need to take pics etc etc.

    All the phones are brand new and as a result of upgrades - me and my partner both have Iphones so took the free gift option and decided to sell the upgrades.

    1) HTC touch Pro II
    2) HTC Magic
    3) Samsung Jet

    Would anyone be interested?



    How much are u looking for 4 the samsung?

    Original Poster

    Round about 175 but am open to offers

    Remember that if you decide to sell then your thread must be moved to FS/FT, or you must close this and wait seven days before you can start one. Do not sell outside of FS/FT, or by PM. Full ]FS/FT rules apply to this thread where applicable. Thanks.


    why are you asking when you have already lised one of them yesterday? and by post two you know what you selling that one for, so thats two you didnt need prices on. confused dot com


    1) HTC touch Pro II

    You already have this item listed for sale - cross promotion of threads is not allowed. Both threads closed - please wait 7 days before relisting or reposting items from either thread :…638…-ii

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