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    Hi all

    I bought the deal on this offer…e=2 and I have just had the confirmation from o2 that I am on a £15.50 a month Pay Monthly tariff for 24 months.

    All the data and text/call allowances are right, but my contract was for £21.50 per month with (with a redemption of 10 months free), not £15.50.

    Does this sound right to you guys? I am a newbie to mobile phone contracts so please excuse me if this is a stupid question.




    Had a quick look and it looks to be £21.50 per month and then for 10 months you claim £10 back.

    Dont know how you get your cashback though or what months it applies to.…tml

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    The way I read it is:

    £21.50 per months for 24 months = £516

    The redemption is £21.50 x 10 = £215

    This brings the total bill down to £301

    I have had confirmation from o2 that it will be £15.50 per month, which means 24 x £15.50 = £372. If the redemption remains the same (i.e. £21.50 x 10) this brings the total bill down to £157.

    It seems weird and I feel that I am missing some piece of crucial information!

    Are you paying your monthly bill to O2 or ?

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    My first bill was from o2.

    Happy days then, just be sure to mark the redemption cut-off dates clearly in your calendar - don't want to miss out on any of that cash back.

    Personally I am not a big fan of these cash back betting schemes or 24month contracts.
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    Nice one, very helpful!

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