Groups anyone used them

    i am looking to move to 02 and see a good deal on asus x58 laptop and nokia 6300 mobile phone.

    has any one else used them before?

    what like are they for problems ect?

    can i take my exsisting mobile number with me from tmobile to 02


    I've used them before and they're great, had no problems whatsoever.
    Yes you can port your number across, you just need to contact them once you've ordered the phone. See here:…htm

    Just ordered a refurb phone from them.

    They sent a locked phone so I can't use the supplied sim.

    Sent an email to them and despite a 48 hour reply promise I've not had contact some four days later. Had the cheek to ask for a review of their service! They responded after I slated them...but still waiting for proper contact.

    Phone numbers I've tried are incorrect too. This company is a right shambles.
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