are contract phones from this company sim free?

Posted 2nd Apr 2016
Recently ordered the S7 Edge deal on here yesterday, wondering if the phones from are unlocked as they seem to be part of the CPW group. Anyone had a phone recently from and can you confirm if ti came unlocked? Cheers.
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From my experience these are sim free.
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Yes they normally are. Aren't they also returns or refurbished ones?
They are, Baring stupid iphones which lock to the first network sim inserted, Tip *use a 3 sim first and it should remain unlocked or be unlocked for free :).
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Mine Galaxy S6 was sim free.
Cheers all. Will stick my EE sim in then give the O2 sim to the daughter so she has free mobile for 2 years.
My iphone 6s 64gb was locked to the first sim that was inserted
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