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Found 31st Aug 2012
Hi, i've taken a contract out with which is £21 a month. (Cashback deal)

It says 5 cashbacks. These cashbacks total to £60. I was told 6 Months free by redemption. This totals to £126.

Should the total of the 5 cashbacks be £126 or have i misunderstood?

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Do you have a link to the deal you had?

Have you contacted them directly?

The 750MB one.. Price has been changed since ive ordered,

i thought i'd ask on here before i call them
Does it not list the redemption deal in your order confirmation or any paperwork received?

To be honest if you're sure that was the deal which was on, just ring them and query it.
It says 5 cashbacks. These cashbacks total £60

Does that not answer the question ?

Was the deal 12 months or 24 ?

Edit, no the figures dont add up either way

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log into your account on,click on YOUR ORDERS then VIEW and then GIFT/CASHBACK DETAILS and it should show you your cashback amounts and payment dates
Gift/Cashback: 6 Months FREE by redemption

You need to claim your Cashback by sending in the relevant bills detailed below.

Bill Claim Amount Status

Bill Dated February 2013 £6.00
Bill Dated May 2013 £9.00
Bill Dated August 2013 £12.00
Bill Dated November 2013 £15.00
Bill Dated February 2014 £18.00
Its a 24 Months Contract, savings should be £21 a months * 6 = £126, anyone more experienced on cashbacks who can explain?
You got bills from next 2 years? How the ****?
That will be the claims, to be sent when the bill arrives
the paperwork sent does say that cashback due is £126. I think possibly where theyve put £6,£9,£12,£15,£18 that they have possibly mixed this up with the months

the paperwork sent does say that cashback due is £126. I think possibly … the paperwork sent does say that cashback due is £126. I think possibly where theyve put £6,£9,£12,£15,£18 that they have possibly mixed this up with the months

My dad recently took out a redemption deal with, he also has the wrong cashback amounts shown in his account on their website - £60 short, although the number of months free by redemption was correct. He rang them, and after a long wait in the queue was informed that it was showing the wrong redemption amounts due to a website module bug,

He was assured that he'll get paid the correct amounts; however I think it likely that he'll get paid the amounts shown, and have to dispute them.

Another issue he has is that the order email and its PDF attachment seem to contradict each other as to which bills are required for the cashback.

The email states the 6th bill, which I work out is dated March, but the attachment states one dated April. To add to the confusion, their website states the 6th month, with the order month counted as zero, and the first month being the first full month's bill - the problem being that the first bill covers payment for a full month plus the initial additional days up to the normal billing date, so the first full month's bill is dated the same as the order month!
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hi, ive had cashback deals with them, they are good, but they dont make it easy. what you do is you find out the exact months, eg september bill etc and get it confirmed in email, then you can send these via uploading onto their site, its so easy then. I would download my bill online and then upload to them, im am no techno whiz, but definately get the months in writing. If not, tell them you will send them every months bill, which is not a big deal when you do it via the computer, they will soon get their act together. Good luck

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