mobiles.co.uk how big can the price increase mentioned in T&C can be ?

Found 24th Oct 2014
I am looking at some crazy cheap deals on mobiles.co.uk.
But I am concerned about this line in the T&C
"Please be aware your network may increase monthly prices in line with the retail price index during the length of your contract"
Can anyone confirm that their price will not jump up after a shortwhile of I will have any nasty billing surprizes or VAT ADDED to the bill?
Thank you for your time,
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If they increase the price substantially you can get out of the contract.

rpi (retail price index) is just a measure of inflation.

VAT will be charged on all contracts - and should be included in the quoted price.
this isn't specific to mobiles.co.uk, its the networks themselves (vodafone, 02 etc)

the only company which has no increases in their contracts is three.

they are campaigning for this to be the norm I believe. orange (now ee) and perhaps 02 have enforced price increases in the past.
Thank you for your advice guys! Ordering that LGG3 (_;)
be sure to cancel their 'service plan' which they normally tack on automatically for £29.99/month or something silly - this catches a lot of people out.
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