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Found 7th Jun 2011

I would like some advise please.

I ordered a Samsung Galaxy S2 from on the 25th May. I was told it would be sent by next day delivery. The package never got sent as DHL 'lost' it in their terminal in Manchester. They started a track and trace but couldnt find it. I told mobiles that i wanted it cancelled. They wouldnt send out another until DHL came back to them. I emailled them everyday asking where it was and i wanted it cancelled.
Then on Friday i got an email from mobiles stating that a new one was being sent out that day and i would receive it today. They said they would pay my line rental for the month.They gave me the tracking number yesterday. Low and behold it hasnt been collected yet. The only thing on the DHL site is showing that its awaiting collection from last Friday.
Has this happened to anyone before ? I really want the phone but this is a joke.
Any advice gratefully accepted.




So it was sent Friday and you don't have it yet?


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Yeah and they lost the other one. They wouldnt post the second one by Royal Mail and now look whats happening again. Really **** off with them. Wish i just got it down the high street now

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I cant get one phone sent out, never mind two

I think you need to be ringing them asking them the questions..

If its DHL who have let you both down, (ie you and CPW) get back onto and demand some answers on how to get the issue resolved.

Did it ever arrive ?

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Nope. Supposed to be getting delivered today by Royal Mail. So much hassle for a simple mobile contract. Never again
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