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    Has anyone ever dealt with a refund from them.. I have been doing some research online but it's not looking good, by the looks of it people have been waiting months and still haven't had their money back! They are trying to fob me off saying the cheque was made on the 3rd December but surprise surprise I haven't had anything. Said they will reissue another one but have to wait another 28 working day!! Absolute robbing tw*ts!!!


    they are a nightmare for me with cashback on a phone a while back - they just didn't have a clue!

    I've claimed 4 but only received 2.. And the first 2 were no issues... I've put a claim in for only one and in December they did say there was a delay on there issuing..

    I raised a complaint with them at the start of December when they made a balls up on my order, they gave me money back to compensate in the form of a cheque, arrived 3 weeks later, they handled my complaint well.
    Have you raised a complaint to get your refund ? they might move quicker.

    Also if you only have that expensive 0870 number to contact them, you can use 01509615474 instead

    touch wood I've had no issues with my 4 cashback claims , all straight forward & on time

    I had a cheque back within a month, I wasn't too happy though as I didn't pay by cheque in the first place. It would have been so much easier to just put it back onto my card...

    no issues on 2 contracts with them, paid in full for each

    this is a trading name for Carphonewarehouse so assume slow response but should receive if you push them.

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    I have contacted them loads of times and they reckon they only hold card details for 24 hours which I don't believe one bit!!! I told them I'm not waiting another 28 working days just so they can make interest on my money!! I ordered the phone end of November and sent it back pretty much straight away!! To wait another 5-6 weeks...bloody annoys me!!!

    Traders are allowed to delay refunds for up to 30 days - but any longer than this would be deemed unreasonable under consumer law.

    So I suggest you raise a complaint, demand they escalte to a manager and ask them where to send the small claims summons, ask if it's the same as CP at 1 Portal Way, London, W3 6RS, ask the managers name as you intend to get trading standards involved (They're not registered with the Ombudsman which speaks volume) and give them no more than 24 hours to process the refund before you start working out the time wasted, interest lost and other financial loses you're claiming for.

    That should do it hopefully

    Can't praise them highly enough, been using them for years, they even paid out on a late claim when they didn't have to
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