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I would like to buy a refurbished iPhone from but they seem to be saying that the phones do not come with the normal Applecare but with a carphone warehouse warranty for a year.

Has anyone experienced this or bought a refurb iPhone from them?

I understand the Apple warranty would be valid from it's original purchase date rather than the date that I buy it, but I do not understand how there would be no warranty at all form Apple?

I am looking to buy a refurb iPhone 11 so at a minimum the phone should have 1.5 years APPLE warranty assuming it can't be older than September 2019??

Or am I wrong?!

(EDIT: To clarify I am only really concerned that should there be a fault I am able to get it repaired / covered by Apple directly which is usually same day rather than have to give carephone warehouse the phone for 2 weeks!)
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Apple warranty is only 1 year on iPhones so it would be 6 months at least.
Applecare has to be bought within a month of the original date the phone purchased. I got caught with this when I tried to get for my wife's iPhone.
The Apple warranty and Apple Care are two separate things. The Apple warranty will be one year from phone switch on whereas Apple Care is an ongoing pay monthly insurance service.

It’s pot luck depending on whether the phone you receive has already been turned on/registered. You can check this date once you receive it. I was lucky and the ‘refurb’ iPhone 7 I got from a couple of years ago had never been used (for whatever reason) and so the Apple warranty was valid for the entire year.
That said, as Twixellzz says above you’re still likely to get several months warranty even if it had been used previously.
Maybe they’ve been opened up which invalidates Apple warranty
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