mobileshop.co.uk doing Argos/Homebase Giftcard instead of cashback....

Found 17th Aug 2007
mobileshop.co.uk (£25, possibly £30 quidco) are doing Free a Nokia 6300 on O2 200mins/200sms 12months free rental via cashback or instead of the cashback, £414 in Argos or Homebase giftcard.... so £360 paid, £335 after quidco, = £414 Argos "credit" that's a 23.5% increase, both via sending in claims, with the Argos one at 6x£69


The #1 possibility that comes is either selling the giftcard which might be a bit dodgy or easier, buying an item at Argos and flogging it, but you'll be lucky to get £400 for the item(s) total....

Any thoughts?
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When do you get the gift card? Do you get it straight away or do you have to claim it?
I expect they give you a giftcard with the order and with each claim you get the £69 credit added to the card.
can see 12 months half price, can't see 12 months free. Would prefer the money anyway, unless the voucher was paid in full upfront and it means they couldn't get out of paying claims.
Lots of offers do automatic ones.

£100 asap vs. £360+ over several claims


£200 console/gadget after 28days vs. £360+ claims

Anything offered as easy and hasslefree has a heavy price vs. planned claims which you do correctly.
I do lots of ones where you have to claim every few months, was just wondering if this was a way to guarentee that they'd pay out but like you say, if you want guarenteed payout then you have to take a paycut!
It would be interesting to see the figures on how many people claim the full cashback, I think it's safe to say though that a large percentage of people will not claim the full cashback hence the constant cashback offers.

I reckon 25-40% forget, depending on the store, and conditions.

But it helps subsidise those who do claim properly, on time, per conditions, via Special Delivery mail.

Which all of mine have.
Plus cashback can start going horribly wrong when the company (Coolnewmobiles and other Mobile Affiliate brands I'm looking at you) start welching on their customers!
Never known any of the long standing stores to "welch" newly established wannabe's I can believe though...
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