Found 15th Dec 2008
Hey people i'm after some advice/help.

I bought a wii off a friend of mine as he wasn't using it much- that was the simple bit.

he bought the wii about a year ago from japan (but is a USA version) and it was pre chipped. He doesn't know what chip it contains. As i haven't owned a games console prior to this i have a few questions.

1. Can i play NTSC and PAL games on this? If i play PAL games will this brick the wii?
2. Where can i get hold of back up games?
3. It only came with wii sports, when i tried to play another game it asked me to update the Wii- so CAN i update the Wii- is it safe to do so?
4. How do i connect the Wii to the net?

I'm completely clueless. Can someone please answer these questions or point me in the right direction.



All of you answers lie within [url][/url] wii forum...sign up and the peeps their can help you trust me

I could answer some myself but avt the time the guys there are very very very good with wiis

the porter;3775461

rep left very interesting :thumbsup:

Cheers...the op hasnt even reponded or left rep, but if it helps someone then all is good in the world...

I think the OP has forgotten abaout this thread

the porter;3780396

it sure is i didnt know u can soft mod a wii with an sd card and a copy … it sure is i didnt know u can soft mod a wii with an sd card and a copy of zelda :thumbsup:

Be aware that Nintendo is right on the case of this, the latest update uninstalls the Homebrew channel but can currently be worked around. Soon enough you will be stuck though as they will try again with the next update.

Regards the OP's question, you can mainly only run JAP games on a JAP system. There are ways to remove and change the region of your downloaded games though so have a look on the forum mentioned for guides on Regionfrii and Brickblocker
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