Modded Wii's

    Just to let everyone know that Wii's can now be softmodded to play copied games, which means:-

    No modchip required
    Warranty not voided
    Don't have to open the case
    Easy to do (Not for absolute noobies though!)
    Pretty much free to do

    I say pretty much free as you need to own or borrow a copy of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii, not GameCube) and you need an SD card

    More details here:…57/

    Google 'Twilight Princess Hack' for instructions


    Anyone on here tried this then?


    where does it tell you how to do it
    on the link

    the twilight hack has been stopped by nintendo after firmware version 3.3e but there are new forms or this hack now

    this only works with few games

    i may get a wii just for this as im not that good at soldering but did solder the wiikey previously

    no need to solder chips now as you can buy them on a clip that just pushes into place

    Wii clip is still not as reliable as a chip.... plus you can still damage the board when inserting the wiiclip (quite common for people who don't know what they're doing) on the wii board.

    Also the softmod requires you to patch the ISO, and compatibility is still poor along with some performance issues e.g. Slow intros etc..... But hopefully these will improve over time.

    Otherwise I'd stick to modded wii.... I have one for sale is anyone is still interested…995
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