I'm looking out for a new modem, don't really know what I need so hoping I can get some help.

    At the moment I've got a Trust MD3100 usb modem, I'm with Bulldog 8mbps but want to go onto 16mbps and I live 1.25km from the exchange, so I think I should be able to get a decent speed.

    With this modem it kept going offline so the line had to be capped and the speed never goes above 6.8mbps, and I thought maybe it was the modem that couldn't handle the speed?? So I thought if I got a different one it might be better.
    Another thing I hate about this modem is that I have to wait until it's ready then connect the modem and after a couple of minutes the web comes up. I also lose the connection every 4 or so hours and have to re-dial.

    Any help greatly appreciated.

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