Modem router suggestions please, what's best?

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Found 10th Mar 2010
Shortly in the process of moving my modem router to the hallway where i have been told it will work the best. Something to do with that is where The line starts in the house.
We are currently useing a netgear 108 Mbps Wireless ADSL Modem router that we have had a few years now.
We live in the country side with very slow downloads can just about watch Iplayer and sometimes it keeps stopping to give you an idea.
Would a better router help at all. In other posts i have heard people mention ADSL 2 and also something called N wireless. Would either of these help? We are upgrading computer and laptop as well so I am happy to pay a bit for a new router if it would improve on what we already have.
Many thanks in advance.


Depends on line could have top of range equipment, but if your line speed isnt good then its pointless.


you already have a router that is more than capable

as davidn84 says, it's your line speed

other than making sure the router is in the first bt socket in the house, and not having any more microfilters than necessary (which reduces line quality) you cant do much to improve the situation

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Thanks to you both. I know we do have a really bad line speed so just have to put up with it. Hopefully moving the router to the hallway may help a little. My neighbour has done this and it is a little quicker than us so i will stick with the netgear.
I have also bought one of those bt iplates to try and help any interference.
Thanks repped you both.
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