Moder Warfare 2 Just got my Nuke Emblem!

    After 7 days of equipping the Nuke as my third killstreak I finally got the 10 required for the coveted Nuke Emblem. Managed to get 3 nukes last night to complete END GAME III. Anybody else got the emblem?


    MW2 just annoys me now but well done...Its funny when someone gets a nuke and everyone in the game starts cursing whoever got it

    ahh so it was you that killed us all



    ahh so it was you that killed us all

    I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.

    Have a cookie!

    Original Poster

    *Takes cookie and runs*

    Ive only managed to ever get 2 nukes one on pc and one on xbox...chopper gunner on favela OWNS!!!

    Anyway give me some of that cookie
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